Classic Superior DOC

Verdicchio 90/95% , 10/5% white grapes

limited to the hilly municipalities near Jesi (San Paolo di Jesi, Staffolo, Apiro)

Delicate, persistent fragrance of fruit, with aging it takes complex characters, flowers and almonds.

The flavour is intense and decisive with trends of bitterness, which can achieve even better results with the aging in bottle.

0-12° (in ice bucket)

Appetizers, white meat (more or less elaborated), boiled meat, mushrooms, truffles, fried vegetables. However, it is especially with the fish, crustaceans and molluscs that there is the ideal “marriage”. It is even good with the most elaborate recipes of the Marches that require a wine with strong personality.

The must is obtained by selecting only the best bunches of Verdicchio grapes by means of the box collection in case of late harvest, soft pressing, slow fermentation at low temperature and subsequent permanence on the lees. Refinement for 6 months in a stainless steel butt. Sales of the current year or prior year.

Pale yellow colour, with sometimes golden hues that are coming with the maturity.

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