DOC - Controlled Denomination of Origin

85% Montepulciano (there can be 15% of Sangiovese grapes)

Mount Conero promontory, on the Adriatic Sea, and its descending hills

Agreeble and vinous during the first period. When ripening that scent decreases and fruity and floral scents emerge

Tasty, vinous, harmonious, dry and full-bodied, tending to a bitterish taste. When ripening, it acquires softness

16-18° (it is to be tasted at room temperature)

Ruby red, intense, limpid and bright, with violaceoustints. When ripening, it tends to garnet red

It is ideal for dished with an accentuated taste, roasts of white and red meats, game and cheeses.

Vinification with steel barrels

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