Il Rubjo

100% Montepulciano grapes

The geographical reference is the promontory of the Monte Conero on the Adriatic Sea and the surrounding hills.

Nice intense smell of red fruit jam that explodes with adequate oxygenation.

Full bodied, fruity flavour, balanced, fruity, mellow and full of body. Excellent balance in tannin.

16-18°. It is served in medium glasses of Bordeaux, taking care to decant the wine.

It is served with dishes with a major structure and succulence: Florentine grilled meats, stews, braised meats, game, big pasta dishes with meat (pappardelle with wild boar). Mature and soft it goes well with pasta stuffed dishes (tortellini, agnolotti, ravioli) and pasta dishes with red sauces.

Deep ruby red, clear and bright, it turns to orange and garnet with aging, which occurs with the passage in oak barrels for about six months and aging in bottle.

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