Quota 59

Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Montepulciano, which here find its ideal habitat, in no less than 85% with the addition of a maximum 15% of Sangiovese.

City of Ancona, vineyards at around 59 m above the sea level, located in the municipality of “Sasso di San Silvestro” of Candia.

Pleasant and vinous odour in the first period. In maturity, it lets emerge fruit and floral scents.

Aromatic persistence and fruity on the palate are the main characteristic of the wine Rosso Conero. The pungent astringency is felt when it is consumed within the first year. Structured and full-bodied, it is noted for its initial fruitiness that turns to the fruit, with the passing years. Dry and complex, it has a great feeling to give pseudo-caloric due to the low yield of grapes per hectare.

Young, it pairs with succulent foods, with stuffed pasta (tortellini, agnolotti, ravioli), to first courses with meat, cold cuts and all the typical cuisine of the Marches.

The colour is deep ruby with purple hues at a young age, garnet and orange tones with the passage of refinement.

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