Rosso Piceno

Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Sangiovese 50% - Montepulciano 50%

The “Rosso Piceno” is the DOC wine of the Marches with the biggest cultivation area: it includes the provinces of Ancona, Macerata and Ascoli Piceno, from the hills of the hinterland to the Adriatic Sea.

Pleasant, winey, fruity, harmonious and dry.

16-18°. It should be drunk at room temperature, open a few hours before consumption.

Roast, game, cheeses and in general dishes with accented flavors.

The Protected Designation of Origin Rosso Piceno DOC was recognized in 1968, although its history starts earlier: It speaks of the wine of the Picenese already before the siege by the Romans. In fact they are the Picenese, that have given its name to the territory in which they are based, to leave the first evidence of what millennia later became the Rosso Piceno DOC. The latin poet Polibius, in one of his stories, speaks of Hannibal that, down to Rome, stopped in the area Picena and seeing the horses of his army in distress, let them heal with clutches of aged red wine.

Intense and persistent with hints of red fruit, cherry and sour cherry.

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