4 Lune

Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Trebbiano from 20 to 50%, Passerina from 10 to 30%, Pecorino from 10 to 30% and may contribute, up to a maximum of 20% Verdicchio or other non-aromatic white grape varieties.

It is product in the province of Ascoli Piceno in the areas suitable for cultivation, with the exception of the land in the valley and excessively humid, and those situated at an altitude higher than 700m above the sea level.

Slightly perfume wine, fresh smell of green pomes fruits and flowers of acacia, peach.

The taste is dry, harmonious and slightly tangy acidity.

11°-13° (in ice bucket)

Stimulating aperitif at 8°. At 10°, it offers a delightful blend with the overall taste of green olives soundly stuffed, just fried. At 12° it is soft enough to approach soft cheeses, half-fat cheeses, with moderate acidity and Italian-style appetizers.

Pale straw yellow colour. When the harvest is anticipated to get very fresh wine aromas and lively acidity, some shades of green are noticeable.

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