Quota 201

Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Lacrima, but there may be other red (Sangiovese) not more than 15%.

The area includes the towns of Belvedere Ostrense, Monte San Vito, Ostra, San Marcello and Senigallia (with the exception of the valley bordering the Adriatic Sea), all in the Province of Ancona.

If consumed young (the wine can be marketed as early as the 15th December), there is a delicate and distinctive vinous flavour, fermented in the cellar. With the aging, the tones goes instead to a fruit-floral of strawberry, cherry, blackberries, blueberries, purple and violet.

The structure is quite substantial and the taste is dry, with an evident tannin but never sharp and pungent.

It goes well with local typical products as the cured pork meats (larded salami of Fabriano), pasta dishes with red sauces (such as stew with animals of the farmyard) and white meat dishes. Contrary to widespread trend, we can also associate it to some marinated starters (for example based on fish) or to some fish soups of Ancona.

It presents itself in the glass with an intense red ruby colour and with significant and obvious purple hues.


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